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Winter 2016



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Shattered Might is a 2.5D action platformer that is our tribute to many of the classics of the genre. We took aspects and mechanics from our favorite childhood games and mashed them into one title.

The level and game design is heavily inspired from the Mega Man series. All but the final game levels are available to choose between from the start, and beating each level unlocks a new playable character with a unique set of weapons and abilities. A big part of the fun is in finding your own personal character order - the method of finding them and utilizing them in different parts of the game is what will help determine your success or failure.

The moment-to-moment gameplay is largely inspired by the Castlevania series. All the character movement is hand coded physics to preserve a classic platformer feel. It feels great to run around and jump off walls. There are a few tricky platforming sections but that generally takes a back seat to the combat. We also incorporate some light RPG elements like finding new weapons and consumables as well as merchants, equipment, and character upgrades.

We loved how some of the Castlevania games used a completely optional 'fighting game move' system to cast spells. We've remixed that idea into our own Okami style gestural spell casting system. If the player has enough mana they can freeze time and draw a glyph on screen to summon an ancient animal deity and preform a devastating special attack.


After a short pre-production cycle we began full development and production in October of 2015.

We put a lot of initial effort into defining the visual style of Shattered Might. We started by keeping our polycounts in the realm of Playstation One era graphics. We purposely went light on the texturing and chose a more cell shaded look to let the geometry speak for itself. We then pushed the animation, effects, and rendering techniques in ways only possible on today's machines. Our goal was to give Shattered Might a look that felt both nostalgic and modern. We think we've succeeded and have landed on a look that is timeless and occasionally breathtaking.


  • Control 5 characters with unique move-sets and abilities
  • Navigate through several colorful and distinct scenescapes
  • Call the gods to your aid with gesture based spellcasting
  • Interesting narrative with well placed cutscenes
  • Compelling original soundtrack by Justin Lassen


Shattered Might - Pre-alpha GDC 2016 Trailer YouTube


Archer 13024x7328 Sunday Mar 06 2016 22_48_37.png
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Shattered Might Credits

Jacob Pennock
Game Designer / Lead Developer

Melissa Pennock
Art Director

Mike Schaiman
Executive Producer

Alex Sepulveda
Environment artist / Level Designer

Patrick Hillstead
Character Artist

Allison Barraza

Eric Kimberly
Environment Artist

Justin Lassen

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