RT @ephemeratics: First day @LividTeam as a 3D Environment Artist!! So excited to contribute to another beautiful and unique indie game!
New montster concepts for #shatteredmight #gamedev #screenshotsaturday #indiedev
Working on some effects in #shatteredmight #gamedev #screenshotsaturday #indiedev

About Livid

Livid was founded in 2014 in partnership with Helios Interactive. We divide our time between acting as one of their internal 3D content production teams and independently building our own games.


Through helping out Helios we get to play with all the latest bleeding edge toys.  We help them build applications for Vive, Oculus, Hololens and other interactive marketing experiences for huge gobal brands.

Our first internal title, Head of the Order,  won Best Game in Intel’s perceptual computing challenge.  It’s a gesture based spellcasting battle game and, through a partnership with Intel, saw a limited arcade release in 60 locations across America.

Now we’re working on Shattered Might, targeted at Steam and Consoles.

Shattered Might

Livid’sletter to the action platformer

You’ll find the classic gameplay of Mega Man and Golden Axe remixed with some our favorite modern machanics from BloodBorne and Okami

  • Unlock 5 unique characters, each one exploiting weaknesses in different bosses and enemy types.
  • Different move sets, weapon types and mastering quick switching between characters is the path to victory!
  • Each playable character hails from a distinct region of beautiful scenescapes and it’s own unique culture.
  • Harness and protect shards of might, the remnants of an ancient evil.
  • Call the gods to your aid to devastating effect with optional gesture based spellcasting.
  • Enjoy well placed cutscenes with interesting narrative.
  • Complete original soundtrack by Justin Lassen.

More Shattered Might Screen Shots

Livid Team

We are a team of programmers, artists, and designers based in San Francisco, California.

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